Tech Talk Radio Show Adds Second Air Time on FM 94.1 & AM 540!

Now you can get a double daily dose of Refresh on the radio, as our Tech Talk show now has a second home every Sunday! In addition to our weekly 2PM broadcast with WDBO on FM 107.3/AM 580, hosts David Leavitt and Andre Klass will also be joining you on WFLA from 5-6PM. If you missed our first broadcast or just want more of Central Florida’s favorite technology show, you can tune in for another live discussion of technical issues and computer questions on FM 93.1/94.1 and AM 540! If you are having trouble with a computer, printer, network, mobile device, or more, you can join the conversation by calling 407-422-1212 or texting 23680 during the show, and your questions will be answered on the air. We are also ready to assist seven days a week at our free tech support hotline of 407-478-8200 during store hours.