Check out the scary power of ChatGPT. The new artificial intelligence search and response engine is captivating the world.

GPT stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer” – a fancy name for artificial intelligence based on a set of inputs (data) that result in an output generated based on a question or statement.

It’s so powerful that it can write a unique 1,000-word, 2,000-word, or even 10,000-word essay on just about any topic.
It can be used to explain formulas in Microsoft Excel or for just about any application.
It’s like using Google but the answers to questions are more definitive and precise – without any google ads.
I believe it’s the future of the internet.

I asked ChatGPT to describe what it can do and here was the response using 10 bullet points:

1. ChatGPT is a new conversational Artificial Intelligence system that can help us to communicate with computers just like we communicate with each other.

2. It uses natural language processing techniques to understand typed or spoken text, allowing for a more conversational interaction with our digital gadgets and computers.

3. ChatGPT can provide a more human-like experience when engaging with digital products, since it can understand the context of our queries and provide more accurate answers.

4. It can also automate basic tasks, like responding to customer service inquiries, providing faster and more accurate answers in less time.

5. With ChatGPT, you can also create custom applications, like virtual assistants, to answer customer queries and automate customer service tasks.

6. It also allows developers to create personalized content, like reviews and recommendations, based on customer preferences and activities.

7. ChatGPT is not limited to customer service or virtual assistant tasks; it can also be used to create chatbots to generate automated personalized content for websites, social media platforms and more.

8. With ChatGPT, you can create interactive applications that can interact and converse with humans using natural language processing.

9. Applications created using ChatGPT can provide tailor-made experiences for users, providing personalized results and recommendations.

10. All in all, ChatGPT is a powerful and innovative tool that can enable us to create much.

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