In-Store Repair

Refresh Computers offers in-store repair services for Windows and Apple computers at the lowest rates across Central Florida. Our highly skilled technicians put forth the highest quality of workmanship and are dedicated to getting your computer fixed 100% right. The normal turnaround time for a repair is 3-5 business days, subject to the length of the service queue and the time it takes to complete the work. Below are some of the in-store repair services that we offer.


A complete tune-up of your computer to make it run at its best. Our technician will perform a full assortment of general maintenance tasks, including installing the latest updates for Windows and your software, correcting driver issues, disabling unnecessary background programs that are using memory, freeing up space by removing unneeded temporary and junk files and defragmenting your hard drive.


Removing malicious software from an infected computer to restore its proper functionality. Our technician will run numerous specialized utilities to clean out all traces of viruses and malware while preserving your files and programs. Also includes our optimization service. (Note, infections that are too severe may require reloading the operating system.)


Performing a complete reinstallation of the Windows or Mac operating system software on your computer, setting it up to a like-new state. This labor is discounted by $20 with the purchase of a hard drive. (Please note that we can only reload the version of Windows that is licensed for your computer.)

Clone $60 OR WITH A VIRUS REMOVAL: $99.99

Copying a complete snapshot of your hard drive’s contents to another hard drive or solid-state drive.

Advanced Data Recovery: $60 to attempt/$100 if successful

 Our technician will use advanced recovery tools to try to get back data that has either been deleted or rendered inaccessible due to a hardware problem.

Data Transfer: $45-$100

Copying the data from a computer or external media (i.e. external hard drive or flash drive) to another computer or external media. The cost for the data transfer depends on the amount of data that is being moved.

Email Configuration: $60

Our technician will assist you with setting up a new email account and/or configuring your email accounts with the desired client software such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird.

Hardware Replacement/Upgrade: $45

 Our technicians can perform part replacements and upgrades for hard drives, RAM, video cards, power supplies, and more. We have a fairly sizable inventory of name-brand parts, and we include free standard installation if purchased from us. The labor charge to install a customer-provided part starts at $50.

Complete System Assembly: $120

If you have a desktop computer that needs a motherboard replacement, or you need help with putting together a custom-built system from scratch, leave it to our technicians to put it together and get everything up and running. (System assembly does not include operating system installation service, which is available separately. A genuine licensed copy of Windows must be provided or purchased to facilitate an operating system installation on a new-build system.)

Board Level Specialist Repair

Board Level Specialist Repair – For laptops and all-in-one computers that are experiencing an internal hardware issue. Items that we can repair include the screen, motherboard, charging jack, speakers, fans, and chassis components. To identify the problem and possible resolution options, the advanced diagnostic charge is $45 for PCs or $50 for Macs, this is not charged if the repair is approved. The advanced repair cost is $120 for PCs, or $140-$160 for Macs, plus the cost of the needed part.

Unlimited Tech Support Plans

Unlimited in-store software support services for any one computer. Includes virus removals, optimizations, operating system reloads, and diagnostics. Our plans are $189.99 for one year, $269.99 for two years, and $339.99 for three years.

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