Refresh Computers provides a standard 90 day hardware warranty on all products. Refresh Computers also offers one, two, and three year extended warranty coverage’s for computers and tablets, and a one year extended warranty option for monitors, which would all be in addition to the standard 90 days. You may choose to add an extended warranty within 14 days of the purchase.

The extended warranty prices are:
For Windows computers under $499.98: 1 year $29.99, 2 years $47.99, 3 years $64.99
For Windows computers $499.99 and up: 1 year $59.99, 2 years $95.99, 3 years $127.99
For Apple non-Retina computers: 1 year $59.99, 2 years $95.99, 3 years $127.99
For Apple Retina computers: 1 year $149.99, 2 years $189.99, 3 years $229.99

3 year Warranties are not available to Windows 10 Computers.

The Refresh Computers warranty is an in-house warranty, meaning that we would be your direct source to turn to in the unlikely event you have any issues.

If there is a problem with your computer that is determined to be caused by a hardware issue during the warranty period, Refresh Computers technicians will perform the necessary repair to restore the unit to proper functionality, or if deemed irreparable, replace the unit with an equivalent or better specification model at no charge to you. The decision to repair or replace the computer will be at the sole discretion of Refresh Computers.

Computer hardware components covered under the warranty include:

– Hard Drive
– Memory
– Processor
– Motherboard
– Power Supply/Power Adapter
– Laptop Battery (guaranteed to hold a minimum of 1 hour charge)
– Laptop Screen

While we do our best to expedite warranty repairs, the turnaround time may be subject to part availability. Refresh Computers does not provide loaner machines.

The Refresh Computers warranty does not cover either accidental damage nor software issues (i.e. viruses). Physical damage such as from a fall, liquid spill, or abuse will void the warranty and no pro-rata refund will be given.

Extended warranties are not refundable, except if the product it was purchased for is also being returned within 14 days of the sale.

To obtain assistance with a warranty problem, you can either bring the affected computer to the Refresh Computers store, or request a warranty claim and shipping instructions by calling 407-478-8200.

For Tech Support Assistance

Refresh Computers proudly offers free technical support assistance over the phone, regardless of whether your computer is under warranty or not. The free tech support hotline number is 407-478-8200. Our technicians are available on Monday-Saturday from 9am-7pm, and Sunday from 11am-5pm.

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