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Never having to worry about your computer concerning both viruses and hardware failures is worth far more than the $9.99 per month fee that we charge (or $99.99 on a yearly plan).

With Refresh Plus services, we are able to monitor your computer or laptop for added peace of mind.

We see it every day, people losing hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars due to malicious software. The risks of being unprotected from both viruses and imminent hardware failures can be eliminated with a Refresh Plus plan.

Platinum Package

$99.99 yr

Whenever you are connected to the internet, Refresh Computers technicians will professionally and automatically monitor your computer/s for viruses/malware and any hardware faults and we are immediately notified of any issues including the following.

Recent Blue Screens

Application Crashes

Poor Hard Drive Health

Hard Drive Smart Failures

Hard Drive Fragmentation

High Disc Usage

Abnormally high RAM or CPU usage

Device Manager Driver Issues

Important Windows Updates

These extras come with the Platinum Refresh Plus Plan, in case support or repair are needed:

  • All of your repairs will now be placed in our “Priority Queue”. This means that your machines are worked on before all other check-ins. !!This is usually a $100 fee per queue skip!!
  • Customers receive 3 Free Remote Support Sessions Per Year ($90 value)

Call 407-478-8200 to set up a free quote!

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