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Fun and Helpful Google Browser Tips & Tricks

Refresh Computers | Longwood FL 111 1Find a previously saved password:

1. On the page you are trying to log on to, highlight the dots representing the hidden password previously saved.
2. Right-click and click on “Inspect”
3. A bunch of coded text will be highlighted on the right side, inside the “Inspect” screen.
4. Look for this phrase – Type=”Password”
5. Change the word Password to the word Text. Keep the quotations!
6. Hit the Enter Key and the password will be revealed.

Refresh Computers | Longwood FL 111 1Reopen a closed browser tab. It’s frustrating when you accidentally close a browser tab but here is how to quickly and easily reopen that tab.

1. On a Windows PC: Press control+shift+T. 

2 On a Mac: Press command+shift+T

3. This can be used multiple times too, so keep pressing to open all the tabs you’ve closed recently. 

4. It even works after you’ve entirely closed and reopened your browser!

Refresh Computers | Longwood FL 111 1A feature in Google Chrome makes it possible to send a link to someone directly to a specific section of text on a website. This way they do not need to scroll through pages of website text in order to get directly to the point on the site that you want to share.

1. On a PC, highlight the section you want someone to start at or read within the text, right-click, and select “copy link to highlight.” On a Mac, click your trackpad and the Ctrl button on your keyboard at the same time then select “copy link to highlight.”

2. This generates a URL link ending with a # symbol, which you can then share with others. Upon clicking the new URL that you sent to someone, they are taken directly to the highlighted portion of the website. This is especially handy with long articles and you want someone to focus on a specific part of the article. You can also save the link so that you can go back to it later at the place you highlighted.

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