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iPhone Tips & Tricks!

Own an iPhone? Here are a few iPhone tips and tricks you may not have known about.

Refresh Computers | Longwood FL Refresh faviconFinally, you can easily transfer files between your iPhone and your PC using an app called Intle Unison.
This free utility you to access photos, messages, and more from your mobile phone – directly on your Windows 11 PC.
Just go to the App Store and install Intel Unison on your iPhone and also go to the Microsoft Store on your Windows 11 computer in order to install it on your computer.

If you’ve never been to the Microsft Store on your computer, it’s loaded as part of Windows so, just click in the lower left corner of your computer and start typing Microsft Store and you will see the Microsft Store already installed on your computer. Once in the Microsoft Store, search for Intel Unsion and you will find it.
Intel Unison requires Windows 11, so if you are using a Windows 10 PC then you cannot use Intel Unison, nor will you see it in the Microsoft store on your computer.
It only works on one phone and one computer, so you cannot connect your phone to your laptop AND your desktop at the same time.
This also works with Android phones, by the way!

Refresh Computers | Longwood FL imageHere’s a cool iPhone trick. Did you know that you can record a video with music from one of your music apps? It’s easy and here is how –
First, go to your camera and make sure it is in PHOTO mode.
After making sure your camera is in photo mode, head to another app that plays music and start playing a song. Then head back to your camera app and hold down on the shutter button for just a second and the shutter button changes color from white to red. Then, slide the shutter button to the right and you are recording – with the music playing from your phone.

Refresh Computers | Longwood FL imageThis iPhone tip is a security warning that you may not be aware of on your iPhone. As you know, several apps have access to your microphone and/or your camera. Look above the cellular signal strength bars in the upper right-hand corner of your phone. If you see a small green dot above the signal strength bars then an app has access to your camera or both your camera and the microphone. You can try this by making a phone call and when the other party answers you will see a small green dot. Or, simply open your camera app and you will see the green dot. If you happen to see a small red dot then your microphone is turned on and being used by an app. This is important to know because if you see the small green or red dot then someone could possibly be spying on you. So how do you find which app is using your camera and/or your microphone? Close each app until you see the small dot go away.

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