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Passkeys are the Future of Internet Security

Passkeys will someday replace passwords for banking sites and other vulnerable websites that we access – and the sooner the better!

Passkeys are an alternative to passwords. With passkeys, there are no passwords to save or remember. Instead of a password, an ever-changing code (or key) is sent to your authenticator application on your smartphone or the physical passkey USB device that you would carry around on your keyring.

Passwords require you to either remember a password or use a password manager to log into a site, and therefore much more vulnerable to being hacked.

Passkeys aren’t necessarily replacements for password managers. It will be a long time before every website supports passkeys, so you’ll still need traditional passwords for years to come. All of the major banks are planning to implement passkeys as an alternative to passwords and may eventually eliminate the need for passwords altogether.

In the meantime, it’s more important than ever to consider using a software package that is much more than an anti-virus software and that is Malwarebytes Pro. Not only does Malwarebytes Pro offer real-time protection against viruses, but it also plays a vital role in keeping your computer safe by warning of malicious websites BEFORE it directs you to them and so much more.

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