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Below are links to resources with information about the topics discussed during our Tech Talk show. Please note that these pages are hosted by 3rd party websites and Refresh Computers is not responsible for the content of these links.

British Parliament Releases Internal FaceBook Documents
Breach of Question/Answer Site Compromises 100 Million Users Info
Tumblr Users Departing En Masse After Adult Content Censorship
22 Popular Android Apps Had Hidden Malware

Info of 500 Million Marriott Hotel Guests Compromised
Faulty Electronics, Automation Caused Fatal Crash of New Jet
Microsoft Surpasses Apple To Become World’s Most Valuable Company

Mark Zuckerberg Defiantly Refuses to Step Down as FaceBook CEO
Online Cyber Gang Warfare
New MacBook Pros with Bad SSDS

Microsoft Re-releases October Update
FaceBook Suffers Major Outage
Instagram Outage, Security Breach
iPhone X Screen Defect

Google Takes Steps To Block Malicious Advertising
FaceBook’s Upcoming Video Hardware Product
Bug Deactivates Legitimate Windows Installations

Malicious Browser Extension Compromises Private FaceBook Messages
Flickr To Impose Storage Caps, Delete Users’ Data
Apple Announces New MacBooks and iPads, Has the iPhone Hit a Market Cap?

Charter/Spectrum Increasing Prices Nationwide
Amazon’s Facial Recognition Technology and Orlando PD
The Responsibilities of Social Media Companies: When They Censure Thought, When They Fail To Act

Adobe Brings Photoshop To iPad
Healthcare.Gov Data Breach
YouTube’s Global Outage

How To Identify If Your FaceBook Account Was Compromised
Why Windows 10 October Update Deleted Files
Google Shutters Social Network After Data Breach

Botched Windows 10 Update Rollup Deletes User Data
New Malware Infects Hardware Firmware
New Wi-Fi Standard Naming Conventions

FaceBook Hack Compromised 50 Million Accounts
Microsoft Releases Office 2019
Windows 10 Reaches 700 Million Devices

Newegg Data Breach
Governor’s Wife Becomes Victim of Cyber Scam
Electronic Access to Judicial Records

Apple Announces New Largest iPhone
Release Date Set for New Apple Operating Systems
British Airways Data Breach
Apple Bans Trend Micro After User Data Collected

iPhone 8 Recall for Defective Motherboards
Google Chrome Revamps Interface for 10th Anniversary
Popular Adware Utility Secretly Collecting User Data on Macs

Google Caught Collecting Location Data When Setting Turned Off
Data Throttling Hinders First Responders
Microsoft’s Next Upcoming Windows 10 Update

Another Quiz App On FaceBook Misused Data
Cheddar’s Data Breach
New Formula Design May Prevent Lithium Battery Fires

Malware Bypassing Apple’s Security Protections
Alexa & Cortana Integration
Study: Wi-fi Appliances Could Cripple Power Grids

Google Releases New Android 9 Pie
“Simjacking” Hijacks Phone Numbers
Robot Finds “Waldo” In Under 5 Seconds

Apple Reaches $1 Trillion Valuation
Hackers Arrested for Attacks On Retail Payment Systems
iOS Hijacker Site Scam

FaceBook Stock Plummets 20% Overnight
Amazon’s Facial Recognition Highly Criticized
Apple Fixes Performance Issue in Latest High-End MacBook Pro

Amazon’s Prime Day Outage
Google’s $5 Billion European Fine
Network Vulnerability Leads to Million Dollar e-Heist

Central Florida Gets New Area Code
Fake Tech Support Scam Using Dell’s Internal Information
FaceBook To Donate To Birthday Fundraisers

Appearance Customizer Extension Secretly Tracks Users
Digital License Plates
Google Develops AI Assistant for Call Centers

What To Do If Your Electronics Get Wet
SunPass IT Issues Continue
Comcast Suffers Nationwide Outage
Adidas Data Breach

Supreme Court Rulings: Internet Sales Tax, Warrant Required To Track Cell Data
Apple To Offer Remedies for “Butterfly” Keyboard
FaceBook Proposes Charging For Groups

Email Encryption Vulnerability Leads to Spoofing
Microsoft Uses Machine Learning In Windows 10 Update Distribution
Why Some Twitter Accounts are Disappearing

Intel Commemorates 40th Anniversary of 8086 Processor
FaceBook Bug Sets Millions of Users’ Data to Public
How Uber Knows If You May Be Drunk

FaceBook Eliminates Trending News Sidebar
Security Vulnerability in Chrome & Firefox Leads to Identity Theft
Ticketfly Gets Hacked & Taken Offline

Data Privacy Concerns with Smart Home Devices
Large Quantity of Name-Brand Routers Compromised
Faulty Computers Cause Cruise Control To Become Stuck On

Bugs Affecting Installation of Windows 10 April Update
North Korea Malware App in Play Store
Tool Exposes Gelocation Data of Cell Phones

Apple Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary of iMac
FCC Issues Largest Robocalling Fine Ever
Google Develops AI Assistive Technology for Visually Impaired

Microsoft Launches Windows 10 April Update
FaceBook To Launch Online Dating Platform
Twitter Advises All Users To Change Passwords

Major Cybercrime Website Takedown
Google’s Big Changes to Gmail
FaceBook’s Publicized Moderation Guidelines

Photo Sharing Site Flickr Bought by SmugMug
Google’s New Text Messaging Integration
Apple Battery Defects Afflict Many Newer Devices

FaceBook Loses 10% of American Userbase
Google Loses UK Lawsuit, Compelled To Conceal Search Data
NVIDIA’s New AI Supercomputer

FaceBook Data Leak Fallout Continues To Grow
Classified Ad Site Backpage Shut Down
Chat Data Breach Affects Consumer Information

FaceBook Mining Data Through Messenger on Android
MyFitnessPal Data Breach Exposed 150 Million Users’ Information
Worst Tesla Crash on Record With Autopilot On

Why Elon Musk Removed SpaceX and Tesla’s FaceBook Pages
Craigslist Removes Personals Section
Companies Banning Sale and Use of Huawei Devices

Florida Virtual School’s Data Breach
New AMD Chipset Vulnerability Discovered
FaceBook’s Inappropriate Search Results

Design Flaw Affecting New MacBook Keyboards
New Intel Optane Solid State Technology
“Slingshot” Is Most Advanced Malware Ever Discovered

Windows 10 Update Breaks Keyboard, Mouse
Why Alexa Went Silent and Many Websites Went Down on 3/2
The World’s Largest DDOS Attack

Foreign Text Character Crashes Apple Devices
Massive Upset Over Snapchat’s Redesign
New Method To Verify If Your Passwords Are Compromised

Google Changes Image Search
Apple HomePods Damage Furniture
Popular Money Transmitting Service Lacks Fraud Protection

Falcon Heavy Launch
False Tsunami Warning
Equifax Hack Was Even Larger Than Indicated

New Flash Vulnerability
YouTube TV
Virus Mines Cryptocurrency For Hackers

iOS Bug Allows Malicious Links To Freeze Phones
Malwarebytes Update Breaks Thousands of Computers
Security Vulnerability in Popular Dating App

Graphics Card Shortage Caused by Crypto Miners
Smartphone Manufacturer’s Payment Page Compromised
Apple Implements Throttling Toggle

New Software Patch for “Meltdown” and “Sceptre” Slows Down Computers
Ilicit Materials Found in Childrens’ Apps
FaceBook Makes News Feed More Personal

“Meltdown” and “Sceptre” Hardware Vulnerability Affects All Computer Processors
Intel CEO’s Major Stock Selloff
HP Battery Recall Affects Non-User Serviceable Models
Windows 10 Free Upgrade Still Works

Apple’s Announcement Regarding iPhone Throttling and Batteries
20th Anniversary of Hotmail
Netflix Gives Customers Another Cyber Scare

Apple Admits to Throttling Older iPhones
NVIDIA Ends Graphics Driver Support for 32-Bit Operating Systems

Mozilla Firefox’s Major Revamp
Keylogger Concerns in HP Laptop Touchpad Drivers
The End of AOL’s Instant Messenger

BitCoin’s Meteoric Rise
More DDOS Attacks in 2017
Christmas Gift Exchange Scam on Social Media

Apple “Root” Vulnerability in MacOS High Sierra
Microsoft Ending Free Windows 10 Upgrades on December 31st
iOS 11 iPhone Reboot Glitch

Uber’s Irresponsible Response To Massive Data Breach
DirecTV To Pay $9.5 Million For Improperly Disposing Electronic Waste

Fake Netflix Phishing Scam Email
Companies Profiteering from In-App Purchases

The “AVGater” Virus
iOS 11 Autocorrect Bug Fixed

New Safeguards for Human Factors in Social Media
What To Know About The CryptoLocker Virus
iPhone 8 vs. iPhone X Comparison

KRACK WPA2 Vulnerability
“Bad Rabbit” Cyptovirus

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Causes UPS 747 Crash

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