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Tech Issues? Who You Gonna Call?

Free Advice & Help is just a phone call away with Refresh Computers!
Write down this number – (407) 478-8200. Maybe you don’t need it now but you may want to have it handy in the future.
What can you call us about concerning free tech support over the phone?

– Setting up your new wifi router

– Wirelessly connecting your printer to your home or office network

– Hooking up that new Blink or Ring doorbell or cameras

– Helping you set up your new Malwarebytes Pro antivirus software

– For just about anything technologically enabled, you can call us for free advice at 407-478-8200 every day of the week. Monday through Saturday between 9AM-7PM and Sundays 11AM-5PM.

– You can also email us at help@refreshcomputers.net.

Why do we do this? It’s our way of giving back to our community. Everybody needs a little help every once and a while. You didn’t even have to buy from us before. We are still here to help you.

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