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Tech Talk Radio Show Moves to FM 107.3 & AM 580!

Hey there Refresh fans! With recent changes being made at WDBO, our Tech Talk radio show will now be airing on two all new station frequencies. Hosts David Leavitt and Andre Klass will still be joining you at the same time every Sunday at 2:00PM, but starting on Sunday June 28th, our live discussion of technical issues and computer questions will be broadcast on both FM 107.3 and AM 580! If you are having trouble with a computer, printer, network, mobile device, or more, you can join the conversation by calling 844-580-9326 or by using the open mic feature on the WDBO app during the show, and as always your questions will be answered on the air! We are also ready to assist seven days a week at our store’s free tech support hotline, 407-478-8200.

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