Use a Password Manager

Stop using the same password everywhere and start using a password manager.

It’s incredibly easy to use a password manager instead of using the same password for everything you log into.
It’s incredibly dangerous to use the same password on everything because all a hacker has to do is crack one of the sites you visit and now they have your password for everything you use it for.
With a password manager, each site you log into has a unique password that still has an auto-fill feature for your username and password, like I know most of you like to use (and so do I).
A password manager stores and generates login information for all your devices and accounts. These programs can be installed as software or accessed through a website, browser extension, or the cloud.
Side benefits of using a password manager –
1) If you clicked on a link that is from what appears to be a familiar source, it directs you to a site that WILL NOT auto-populate if it’s a scammer because your password manager would not recognize the site you are on.
If you’re trying to log in and your credentials aren’t being filled in, you’ll wonder what’s happening. Then you’ll pause, double-check the URL and realize you were about to hand everything away to a scammer. Thus, a password manager is a clever way to help yourself spot phishing scams.
2) You can hide private notes for each site that you log into. This can be handy for a lot of reasons.
3) Share a password safely. Sometimes you may want to share a password with a family member, for example. You can do so with an encrypted link that only they can access. You can grant access to only the people you want to have access. You can even make a shareable folder of several passwords that maybe only a certain family member has access to. This may be handy to use in the event of an untimely death and you know your family may need access to some of your accounts.
4) Securely store all of your credit card and banking information using the password manager.
5) Your password manager can also autofill forms for you on websites that you visit.

Using a password manager will take a few minutes to set up but once you do, you can have a higher level of peace of mind as you browse the internet and not get trapped into that “one password fits all” mentality.

Which password manager to use? There are many options. It’s incredibly easy to set up and it can be used on all your devices.

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