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That Windows Logo Key on Your Keyboard is More Helpful then You think!

Windows H
What’s Windows H? There are several shortcuts on your Windows-based computer or laptop that help you get things done quicker – and one of my favorites is using the Windows H command.
The Windows H tool works with Windows 10 or 11.
Simply hold the Windows key and press the letter H when you have anything opened on your computer or laptop such as a Word document or a note or even an email. Windows H will recognize your voice and dictate automatically by converting your voice to text in whatever document or program you have opened on your computer.
There is usually no setup required. You simply need to have a microphone built-in or connected to your computer.
Try this – Hold the Windows key and press the letter H and you will see a little Windows dictation popup usually in the lower middle part of your screen.
Before you start using it, you may want to press the little gear icon on the left of this little popup to make a simple settings change.
This setting change automatically triggers a microphone icon to appear on your screen whenever you are inside anything you can type text into. This way, if you like this feature and think you will use it a lot, you can turn on the “Voice type launcher” so that you do not have to use the Windows H keys to start dictating.
While you are here in the settings, you may want to turn on automatic punctuation, but I find that feature a bit annoying myself.
I think you will like this feature a lot. Especially if you like to use voice to text on your mobile device. This is a handy way to use voice-to-text on your Windows device, including your Windows-based tablets!

Here is another useful Windows key feature –
Ever wish you could see and use a history of things you copied onto the clipboard?

It’s easy! Simply press the Windows keyboard key and then the letter V. If you never used this feature before, your computer will prompt you to turn it on. Go ahead and turn it on! It doesn’t hurt anything.
Now, to see all of the recent clips that you copied, hold the Windows key and press V again and you will see a list of things you had copied previously. Simply click on the one you want and it will paste!
Another cool feature of Windows V is the fact you can select from a list of currency symbols, emojis, math symbols like 2/5 or 1/3 being displayed that way – and a lot more!

Click HERE to see a website showing 46 different used for that Windows logo key on your keyboard.

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