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The Minus Sign (-) Is Your Search Friend!

When using Google search, the results can often include things you are not looking for. Exclude those things by placing a minus sign in front of the word you want to exclude in the search results. For example, if you search for the word “libertarian” but do not want to see the Wikipedia results, then search libertarian -Wikipedia and you will see a whole different search result because it will not include anything from Wikipedia.

Where else does this work? If you are an eBay or Amazon shopper, you can use the minus sign to exclude items containing the word you used a minus sign in front of. This can come in handy to help narrow down your search results on eBay and Amazon. You can even use more than one minus sign in your search string to exclude several words in your search. Just separate each word you want to exclude with a space, using a – sign directly in front of each word to exclude.

Here is some more search fun! – You can search a list of specific words by enclosing the words you want to search for in parentheses, with each word separated by a comma! An example would be if you want to search for a Dell Optiplex computer but only the 3060, 5060, and 7060 models, then you would use the words Dell Optiplex followed by (3060, 5060, 7060).

Try combining words with a minus sign to exclude some words with a different set of words in parentheses to see multiple things you want to search for to exclude other things you do not want in the search results.

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