This week’s tip is for parents buying all of those electronic gifts for their kids.

Here is a Guide to Not Let Holiday Gift Devices Adversely Affect Your Kids’ Life!
So many products now come with device tracking, cameras, and other things you may or may not want your kid to have access to or be tricked by others, besides yourself.
Here is a very useful website for parents to utilize when it comes to their children’s tech devices and online safety.
This site is and it’s there to help parents keep their children safe online.
Here, you can get help with technological safety issues, report an issue, and get help setting up parental controls on just about any device and any internet service out there.

There are easy-to-follow drop-down menus for almost every type of smartphone and other devices that, when selected, give detailed instructions to set up parental controls.
There is a dropdown menu for setting up parental controls on search engines and entertainment sites and likewise for social media sites, mobile networks, and gaming consoles.

This site also features technical safety advice for parents by their child’s age group.

So before you wrap that present – you may want to check out this site and take care of a few things before your kid gets their hands on something that will guide them to a place that you don’t want to regret later.


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