Turn Your Desktop Computer Into a Mobile Hotspot!

To use your Windows Computer as a mobile hotspot for others:

– Type “Mobile Hotspot” in the Windows search bar on the lower left-hand side of your screen.

– Click on the Mobile Hotspot icon to enter the mobile hotspot settings window.

– Turn on “Share My Internet Connection with Others”

– You have the option here to set up a password for others to use or keep the default random password Windows already assigned.

– You also have the option of naming this something other than the default name of your computer. This does not change the name of your computer – it only changes what people see to connect to when they want to use your mobile hotspot

– You can select whether your shared internet connection can be accessed either through Bluetooth (shorter range and no password required) or WIFI – longer range and password required (recommended)

– Up to 8 devices can access your mobile hotspot on WIFI and 7 devices on Bluetooth

– Remember! – When you turn off your PC, others no longer have access to your mobile hotspot.

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