Windows 11 Tips!

Windows 11 is becoming more and more popular and its time we got to some of those technical tips for Microsoft’s newest operating system as well. The new OS has a cleaner look to it than the previous Windows 10 but is still full of surprises that can be unlocked to make your newer Windows 11 PC an enjoyable experience.

The first tip is to make the new Start Menu taskbar location of icons look the way it did in Windows 10. By default, Windows 11 places the start menu in the center of your screen. However, if you prefer the start button and icons to the left of your screen then here is what you do:

First, Right-Click on your taskbar and choose Taskbar Settings. Then at the bottom of this window, click on Taskbar Behaviors. Here there are some different choices but the one we are looking for is Align the Taskbar. Here there is a drop-down menu that is currently showing Center – but you can click here to choose Left – and just like that – your Start Button and commonly used icons and apps are now on the left side of your screen!

Adding System Folders to the Windows 11 Start Menu

Some people might be unhappy that Microsoft took away the ability to add folders to the taskbar – however, you can still add system folders such as Documents, Downloads, Pictures, Music etc.  To add these shortcuts right to the Start Menu do the following:

1). Click on the Start Button and open the Settings App.

2). On the left pane – choose Personalization

3). Scroll down to Start inside the main window and then click on Folders

4). Here there are off / on buttons for Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, and Videos as well as File Explorer.  Select the ones you would like fast access to then close out the Settings App window.

5) Click on Start again and now those shortcuts appear right in the main Start menu next to the Power button!

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